Aunt Pittypat's


Alas, Aunt Pittypat's Kitchen

is Closed..... This is a memorial.

Monday - Saturday 7am - 2pm
Breakfast and Lunch

7123 North 58th Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85301

(623) 931-0838

Located within Glendale's historic Catlin Court Shops District, this splendid old house was built in 1940. Although built in 1940, the house appears to be much older. The house has somehow managed to survive the ravages of time and progress. The original blueprints were of a turn-of-the-century house from Atlanta, Georgia. A gentleman by the name of Summers was owner of the property at that time and the home doubled as a residence and a men's tailor shop. The original integrity of the house has been maintained through the years except for the addition of the front porch in 1991.

Glendale is a city determined to make its downtown core one of the most attractive in the West. Therefore, downtown design guidelines call for the city core to retain its small town character as it grows.

Much of the credit for the importance placed on small-town appeal goes to a group of business owners in the downtown area. After an historic rock house was leveled to make way for a parking lot, Sue Branch, who owned the shop next door, initiated a petition drive, collecting some 5,000 signatures and presented them to city

Officials in an effort to stop further destruction of old houses near the downtown area and to prevent the rest of the area from becoming office buildings and parking lots. The city listened.

Working with the city, Sue and a group of dedicated shop owners and citizens spent a year developing a zoning plan to create specialty retail shops in a residential area containing some of the finest examples of Glendale's early architecture. The City Council approved the plan in 1990 and the Catlin Court Historic Shops District was born. The area has since been entered into the National Register of Historic Places and has been instrumental in revitalizing the downtown core.

Within one year of the Catlin Court Historic Shops District plan approval, more than I0 shops, many of them antique stores, had opened in the quaint houses. Because antique store owners like to congregate, a market niche was created that attracted antique stores to empty downtown stores as well. Instead of businesses leaving the downtown, stores were now opening almost monthly.  


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